I don’t know what you need right now to make it through this next week.
Maybe it’s taking an hour and wandering a new trail, a quiet spot where you can see Pikes Peak shrouded in purple mist — and just breathe, as clouds filter over the sun; the air cools and then the sun clears and warms your face.
An hour to yourself.
Perhaps it’s brewing a strong cup of coffee and seeking serenity on the patio in the stillness of 6:00am Monday morning, as trees filter the early blue shadows. Birds stir awake as the soundtrack of the morning. A moment of peace.
My week is full of good end-of-the-school-year activities, like AP exam proctoring, doctor appointments, an awesome soccer game (my true happy place!), birthdays, and important moments for my girls, like their 8th grade grad ceremony…
I look at the calendar for the next 10 days and I’m overwhelmed and exhausted.
However —
if I look for wisdom, strength, and purpose for each day — breath for today and peace for today and for just that 1 day alone.
I can truly live in the moment, appreciate the beauty of this season, and experience it fully.