What brings YOU joy?

This last week I asked my students to revisit

their goal writing from September.

Back then, we spent time

reading nonfiction stories

and carving out our own

vision for this school year.

Now, students must discover if they

were successful in their pursuit.

And, what hinders their life goals?

Inevitably, it’s a big idea,

so I toss out something else —

Where do they envision themselves

in 10 years and

how can they pursue those good things?

Usually it means getting into a great university and

working toward a degree.

Eventually they see the benefit of doing

well in 10th grade Literature class.

I also encourage them to consider

what brings joy

and how they can live a more

emotionally rewarding life

if they choose a meaningful career,

a way they can bring hope to others.

I’m always grateful when students are

willing to discuss these ideas

and then, when they write personal stories.

I hope they carry these lessons

long after this school year is over.