Recently, we had a rare movie night moment as a family and watched part of a Star Wars film on television. Yoda’s words to Luke resound even now (wise and relevant the wisdom of Yoda is):
Let’s unlearn prior learning so we can learn what we need to learn.
For me, today, maybe that means: Interrupting habits that don’t work for my family. Letting go of busy work or striving. Dismissing meaningless activities. Accepting my limitations about many things in life. Discovering ways I can live in freedom by being myself.
Relearn how to receive grace.
Relearn how to give grace, again and again.
The beauty of grace is that God’s grace given to us is endless. The more I grow in knowing him, the more I see myself shifting toward a desire to love well and live well, instead of living within those destructive patterns which require continual grace.
Relearn ways to connect with and love my girls (quarantining teens).
Examine how to communicate in a new way, loving others from afar.
Continue to discover inventive, meaningful ways of caring for others.