Washing dishes and
Fighting off lies
Jangling around in my head,
Of not smart enough
Or clever enough
Or able
Or just Enough. Tiresome nonsense.
But Bubbles rise
With serenading giggles
And I see three daily
Reminders of Love,
My three daughters.
They help me rewire my mind and rewrite my
Inner dialogue,
And see daily beauty in this
Important Season.
On my windowsill
Are reminders of friendship
From six months ago and
The magical miracle of a
“No heart surgery needed!” report.
Sometimes the miracle fades or is
Quieted by the bustle of life.
A cross stained glass illuminating
Darkness and a smooth stone with a cross, reminding me this season of a
Manger leads to the Cross.
I urge myself to accept gifts of Grace, Kindness, Goodness, and Love, which God writes into the narrative of my life.