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Bram Visser is an Indonesian immigrant living in Amsterdam with his loving Dutch wife, Alette. Together, they survived World War II and have created a life of joy and community, welcoming like-minded Dutch, Indonesian, and mixed-race couples into their home each weekend. While Bram’s quaint canal-side home holds his dear wife and friends, he still senses something is missing from his life.

In the aftermath of post-war Netherlands, amidst the rebuilding of lives and homes, Bram longs to raise a family and feel a sense of belonging in the Dutch society. How can he create a meaningful life and feel a true connection to his adopted homeland?

This enriching and relevant story speaks to the reality and struggle of immigrants who leave their homeland for a new culture, with the dream of acceptance and belonging.


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Sambal and Spice in Amsterdam IndoNetherlands Stories Cover 

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