22 years ago today, our country was shattered by the 9/11 attacks. Today we remember.

JP and I had the chance to take a long weekend in New York City two years ago and we visited the site of the Twin Towers/ World Trade Center.

Walking the peaceful outlying groves of trees in person to the pools is a truly sobering experience — to see the vast footprints of both towers at an acre in size each was numbing, and wandering the perimeter while hearing the gentle wind blow through white oak trees was meaningful. We spent a long while pondering the soothing reflecting waterfall pools, reading names of victims inscribed — while trying to comprehend the magnitude of the loss. There were roses placed on name plates for those whose birthdays were on those specific days we were there, a way to personalize the remembrance.

The 9/11 Memorial Museum tells the story with artifacts and is also a meaningful visit, but emotionally devastating. 23 police officers and 343 firefighters and paramedics also lost their lives that day and I think about the families who sacrificed for others and how they are coping.

Going up the new WTC tower and experiencing the heights and bright lights of dusk, the city views, and sunset is when the true scope of the tragedy felt more real. We have carried forward with our lives, and I hope our country remembers how to care for each other in kindness and love. Today, I am remembering the people we lost that day 22 years ago.