There’s something special about reading a good book; one which grabs your heart remains with you always! My eldest daughter loves the story, The War I Finally Won, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. It is the sequel to her book, The War That Saved My Life. She can’t stop reading!
Her sweet persistence is surprising, this drive to re-read and find sequels. We’ve discussed themes, character arc, and conflict in these phenomenal books. It’s wonderful to share literature with my girl! And all by her own initiative!
I think back to her early childhood years, six years old, her troubles learning to read, tears and confusion. She needed help! We sought intervention in First Grade, and were welcomed by the warm, patient kindness of her reading specialist. Her school secured a literacy grant for two students and she was selected for daily reading intervention for an hour before school.
She loved going, and felt safe there, laughed as she learned, and talked about puppet shows, books she and Mrs. G assembled, and goofy, interesting stories which finally gained her attention.
My daughter would borrow small bundles of books over the weekend. She’d snuggle in her jammies, on my lap, and enjoy quiet whisper reading. We’d read, I’d read, she’d read, together, and eventually she didn’t need sound assistance or help at all. And tears turned to smiles.
By the end of the first semester she’d surpassed all those seemingly unattainable goals. I remember this as she now soars at college. She is thriving all because gracious and patient teachers intervened in those early years and helped her find confidence and a love for reading.
Seven years after she really learned to read, she was our cheery, confident Eighth Grader who took her own route and encouraged us to survey the scenery as we journeyed. I interrupted her dream world of reading to remind her of those early days, and she told me:
“Reading changed my view, which changed my perspective, and changed my life.”