When will God’s love be enough? Until we struggle through the deep issue of accepting God’s love and thriving within that realm, truly experiencing freedom and joy in the freshest way, can we provide others with any small taste, any fragrance of Christ? If we are unbelieving in our esteem being rooted in His unconditional fervor, where can we otherwise be so unassuming and completely surrendered?

When I first gave my heart to Jesus, I was a small child. I did not fathom the depths my relationship with God would become… I was young, acting in pure faith. Since that time, delights and discouragements have marked my way, yet never deterring from the most basic need for obedience to Christ no matter the costly and daily discipline to strive after Him. I have learned to request that God’s heart and desires become my own.

Each moment offers lessons on practicing and struggling, a lifelong plunge into developing character. Perhaps somewhere along the way I did not fully understand that relationships are fluid and my relationship with God is no exception to the changing current. I sometimes fail to realize the childlike promise (made by a young and unknowing person of faith) must be accompanied by guided risks.

Even the most seasoned Christian can lose track of God’s truth and fret in the dark, quiet season of vast disappointment; wondering if the sheer heaviness of discipleship will ever ease, if that marked burden of ministry can truly transfer to God’s able and sincere frame.

Can I effectively give my whole being to Him? Has “Christ-in-me” produced a spirit of thankfulness?

I remain amazed by His grace and love, and seek to be wise to act upon those gifts and care for others, to illuminate God’s incredible and perfect love. For only He can bring true delight and peace to our hearts. I seek to accompany a fellow friend on her journey, sit next to her on the bench of suffering, and joyfully dance with her in God’s goodness. Most of us live with similar spiritual formational challenges and God can marvelously weave our stories into one.