On the power of loving in humility

She brought me these leaves from her evening walk and arranged them, excitedly exclaiming, “Only the most colorful leaves for you, Mom!” Yet she brought home none for herself — only the best for me.

My youngest child lives a life of humility. The love she demonstrates through this virtue is remarkable. She places others’ needs and wishes first, but also devotes time to her own art, writing, reading — creative pursuits.

How she loves is tremendous. She knew I worried about having students in my classroom, and Sunday night prayed with me about it, for my health, stroking my face in a moment of role-reversal. Then, she leapt from the kitchen table Monday after school when I walked in the door, asking “How was your day, Mom? Were you safe, with masks and the filter machine you bought for your classroom?”

She cares deeply and the method of her love extends into these intercessory moments where her heart is beside the heart of the one whose burden she carries.

To know and feel that empathy at her core compels her to make new friends during her 2 days in-person at school on Thursday and Friday, welcoming new 8th graders to her table.
She deeply desires everyone is included and noticed, something she’s longed for since her early days of preschool, needing speech therapy and interventions. Even then, she was a careful noticer, patiently helping others shine.

To raise a daughter like BG is to know I’m completely loved and cherished. I see how she changes lives through her compassion, kindness, and grace.