Tomorrow my twins turn 16 and they’re passionate and vivacious and complicated and endearing. Passions in life are being etched into their souls. They adore family time and enjoy talking about each day.
One loves theatre, basketball, friends, fashion, and the other twin adores band, playing the clarinet for fun, encouraging others, and tight hugs… both are leaders in the their mental health club (Sources of Strength) and in a club for reaching others at school (Friends of Rachel). I value dinner times together, hiking, outdoor adventures, playing games and cards — lively, animated moments.
I like to reminisce on the delight, anticipation, and dreams realized with having twins. I knew I carried twins long before the 20 week ultrasound, but my husband was shocked! And they were nearly full term and healthy! So many miracles then and now, not lost on me — I live within this gratitude.
I see the beauty of the early bleary days:  our eldest daughter was just two years old when they were born— three babies in diapers that first year —and tiny cries, only 5 pounds at birth, and an overwhelming life for a while. Toddler years they learned to find their voices and became more independent. Younger elementary years sped quickly into self-sufficiency, and now they are teens. We have fully embraced each age and the specific challenges and blessings within each season.

I love the uninhibited zaniness of teen years, the crossroads of life, and experiences that can shape them into their futures. Sophomore year is that time when they think about careers and callings. I hold my hands open with wonder and in prayer for their lives. As an idealist, I hold expectant hope that my girls will live meaningful lives and positively impact our world. Older sister is at college and pursuing her dream of being a NICU nurse. She has already flown the nest but is thriving!
These days with my twins living at home are brief and like these colorful aspens, change will someday arrive. I am so grateful to be their mother!
We grow and laugh, make mistakes, and forgive and live grace. Golden moments ebb and flow into something different, better, more. So we press on to embrace sixteen, together.