What surprised you today?
Was it mercy?
Or grace?
Or joy?
I hope so.
I pray that we all may be breathless by an expression of grace, or a second chance; where there was failure, now stands an opportunity for redemption.
May we marvel at mercy, and become captivated by joy.
I’ve been offered limitless grace and abounding mercy by God. I never want to forget that.
I also have a rubbish tulip garden, which I try to ignore and highlight in a positive way by morning lighting and up-close photos.
These blooms just opened yesterday and will probably wilt in a few days. I forget to water them and the Colorado air is dry.
I know — I’ll need to dig up the bulbs, clear out the soil, and start again. If I leave it, next year the tulips will return weak and small and I’ll be disappointed again.
Anyone out there good at mile-high gardening?