My daughters have always challenged my notions and theories – with their ability to be fully engaged in a present moment, to become transfixed on an instant of pure emotion and of encapsulating feelings on a real and transparent level. Truly, much of that candid expression is fading, with maturity and tact, and at some point they will hesitate to share anger, pain, or maybe even sometimes – elation.

As they grow, as they observe us in real and unhindered moments of life, I hope my daughters will remember to remain open and vulnerable, yet learn from their emotions. That they may develop seasoned responses, realize an offense, and offer forgiveness instead of bitterness. To live with integrity so as to not offend.

So many beautiful experiences await; and as we navigate raising three girls, I pray we can fully know Christ and daily draw closer to truly reflecting His image. To cast aside anything encumbering us as a family, refine our ways. Much of the fear which can consume is simply based upon my inability to completely trust God with every aspect of my life.

Stepping toward Him, completely emptied of my fleshly self with worldly ideals, and striving to be clothed in righteousness. Remaining in a place of real, deep calling means I recognize possible barriers, but strive forward. I can observe obstacles, but the desire and motivation toward ministry is stronger, more sustainable.

The call of Christ will always supersede my other interests, rising toward the surface, awaiting awakening. Those doubts and fears may be what compel me to remain focused on Christ, a daily reminder of my constant need for His grace.

As I seek the Lord’s heart and step into a goal of moment-to-moment prayer, I can trust that the circumstances of my day are intended for me to serve, to love, and to be stretched; to bring Him glory and perhaps to deliver hope to a friend along the way.