About Caroline Mertens

A native of Southern California, Caroline Mertens moved to Colorado during high school. Her grandmother's immigration tales of adventure, love, pain, and redemption always provided ample amounts of hope, grace, and literary inspiration, as described in the story line of In Those Other Lands. Caroline received her B.A. in English and Secondary Education from Colorado Christian University in the Denver area. After her own voyages overseas, Caroline returned to Colorado, where she met her husband. She's worked as a high school English teacher, non-profit writer, assistant to a Young Life director, and magazine editorial assistant, among other roles over the years, but her favorite calling is being a mother. Caroline is passionate about family, traveling, Indonesian food, and teaching.

Perfect Love

When will God’s love be enough? Until we struggle through the deep issue of accepting God’s love and thriving within that realm, truly experiencing freedom and joy in the freshest way, can we provide [...]

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A Beautiful Harmony

“A beautiful harmony resonated between them, as though their marriage sashayed a delightful dance. Pieter stepped forward; Cora stepped backwards. If he twirled her in one spinning direction, she joined him in whirling around, [...]

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