About Caroline Mertens

A native of Southern California, Caroline Mertens moved to Colorado as a teen. She received her B.A. in English and Secondary Education from Colorado Christian University in Denver. Her grandmother's immigration tales of adventure, love, pain, and redemption provided ample amounts of hope, grace, and literary inspiration for her debut, In Those Other Lands. After a season of work in the Netherlands, England, and France, Caroline returned to Colorado. Over the years, she has worked as a magazine editor, a professional writer, and an assistant to a Young Life director. However, Caroline's most fulfilling career is teaching high school English and Creative Writing. She strives to encourage teenagers to read what they love, and inspires her students to engage in purposeful creative writing. Caroline is passionate about traveling, cooking Indonesian food, and exploring Colorado with her family.

Amsterdam Serenade

My newest story, Amsterdam Serenade, is now available for preorder: While growing up on a small farm in the province of Friesland, hundreds of kilometers north of Amsterdam, Jacoba dreamed of what city [...]

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Remember the Reason we celebrate...remember the Christ child. In the midst of busyness, amid the overwhelming noise of the season, is Peace. All we have ever needed is at hand, in our presence:  the [...]

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