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A native of Southern California, Caroline moved to Colorado during high school. Her grandmother’s immigration tales of adventure, love, pain, and redemption always provided ample amounts of hope, faith, grace, and literary inspiration, as described in the story line of her novel, In Those Other Lands.

Caroline received her B.A. in English Literature and Secondary English teaching degree from Colorado Christian University in Denver. After her own voyage as an overseas English teacher and missionary for Wycliffe, Caroline returned to Colorado and met her husband. They’re raising three children and a chocolate lab, and have lived in Western Colorado and the Chicago suburbs, but call Colorado Springs home.

Caroline worked as a non-profit writer, an assistant to a Young Life Director, a magazine editorial assistant, and a textbook typist, among other roles over the years. She is passionate about family and friends, teaching high school English, traveling, cooking Indonesian food, and writing stories in quaint coffee shops.

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Caroline Mertens

Caroline VanTongeren Mertens

My dear Oma (Diny) and Opa (Nico), such wonderful blessings of faith and love in my life!