What does life envision for an uncommon existence? Would this involve transformations on a grand level, or a series of small movements toward particular goals, to something more like specific attributes such as compassion, kindness, generosity, patience?

Can these become choices, or must the change require some subconscious magnitude, which results in a subdued lifestyle alteration? So many variations and difficulties keep the heart from an outward movement. Obstacles, distractions, and lack of knowledge or ability. The mind plays convincingly against one’s passion and can instantly remind one of every challenge or deferred dream, of a lack of particular talents or maybe simply a general state of absence of ambition.

Perhaps these transformations result from miracles, or a moment of habit, through reality. Or maybe through a life mesmerized by what can become of ourselves in the darkest night of life’s long list of unfair moments. Those most terrifying realities, that which we never supposed, the pain or bitterness of suffering that overflows, has now become the most trying of daily life.

Emerging from the pain will either feel victorious or lacking in reverence. An uncommon existence may mean to thrive without that which once was. Of miring through the extremes of trials and joy without traveling companions who would generally make sense of such blows. Navigating the unforeseen, and trusting that someday God will heal our pain, where we are no longer burdened by such realities.