My newest story, Amsterdam Serenade, is now available for preorder:
While growing up on a small farm in the province of Friesland, hundreds of kilometers north of Amsterdam, Jacoba dreamed of what city life in Amsterdam might entail: important society engagements, dreamy boat rides, and charming rich men clamoring for her hand in marriage. The reality, however, in 1900 Amsterdam, is far different from what Jacoba imagined. Her younger sister Nicolette was always the easygoing, content daughter, and her older brother Carl was the charming, magnetic force of the family. As a young woman living far from her family, Jacoba comes to terms with her lonely newfound freedom and her lingering grief over the loss of a loved one. She navigates a complex society and a burgeoning city. Her job in Amsterdam as an assistant to a musician delivers its own set of challenges and hidden blessings, and through the course of four seasons, Jacoba finds the music in her heart, and a song in her step.