Sometimes an urging of God moves me away from the location of those I love, and that always involves great risk and faith, to fully embrace the Lord’s direction in life, trusting him to provide friendships, support, and encouragement in a new emotional space.

I remember that he has offered his children purpose and calls us to persevere. When the path ahead feels treacherous as I step forward in faith, I am reminded of God’s generous grace, and provision for each moment. Living unto Christ requires being present and intentional, aware of his lead, open to an unexpected sacrifice, and striving toward encouraging and spurring others forward.

When God invites his loved ones toward his purpose, he will create an awakening in the soul – and urging to follow – a sometimes-singular mission. Responding with obedience often requires listening carefully, casting aside judgment and doubt, and advancing forward in faith.

Sometimes his delays are simply an answer of “not-yet”, a true measure of grit and determination. How long can I trust, even when the road remains unmarked? The anxious distractions may hinder growth, progress, and freedom. And when lacking self-control, I misunderstand the lesson. His adventures for each of us are wildly unpredictable and his calling and purpose unique.

When I cannot understand his next step, I can wait for his peace, remain unwavering, and settle into a rhythm of time spent with him. Sometimes this means reaching beyond myself, into ministry; yet if I’m in a season of pain, I am often limited in how compassionately I can care for others. My most effective outreach requires consistency, dependability, and with an open heart, ready to listen.

The challenge remains of how to step into a place of peace, drawing from his source of comfort and grace. Amidst life’s distractions and necessities, I am urged to become fully established in his loving guidance, each moment not always knowing his intended design, yet certain of my intimacy with the One who will lead at appropriate measures, and calm my endless inquiries.

“I am progressing along
the path of life
in my ordinary contentedly
fallen and godless condition,
absorbed in a merry meeting
with my friends for the morrow
or a bit of work
that tickles my vanity today,
a holiday or a new book,
when suddenly a stab
of abdominal pain
that threatens serious disease,
or a headline in the newspapers
that threatens us all
with destruction,
sends this whole pack of cards
tumbling down.
At first I am overwhelmed,
and all my little happinesses
look like broken toys.
Then, slowly and reluctantly,
bit by bit,
I try to bring myself
into the frame of mind
that I should be in at all times.
I remind myself
that all these toys
were never intended
to possess my heart,
that my true good
is in another world
and my only real treasure
is Christ.”

C.S. Lewis,
from “The Problem of Pain”