Walking through gardens, traversing trails, wandering among flowers — both wild and planted — I find pace with the rhythms of my steps, the sound of whirring trees, the evenness of my breath.
At first, I’m easily distracted — so many purple-hued flowers to explore! The heat of the sun and approaching clouds!
Soon, though, I’m caught up in the majesty of the experience and forget momentary troubles; as I keep pace, I pray for worries small and large, for dear ones in pain, for those struggling to find light and peace, for friends seeking provision, for personal guidance and direction.
By the time I’ve wandered far enough, I see a clearing in the trees, and linger for a while. I’ve adjusted my gaze. My heart is calm and free.
I return, and hear hummingbirds zip through the air, laughing and playing together, fluttering around aspen trees in a joyful dance. They buzz through the air intertwined and I capture a photo of one in mid flight, nearly hidden in green aspen leaves —a serendipitous instant!
Through the course of a meandering wander, a moment of gratitude and prayer, I find refreshment and peace. None of the answers to my concerns were presented to me. The same burdens I knew before my walk remained, as far as I could see.
Yet I shifted them away from myself in intentional prayer, ready to do what I could, yet also ready to surrender those instances out of my grasp.
I noticed the beauty of the world around me — small bees tending, hummingbirds dancing, and when I returned, my daughters’ welcoming calls.