A green hummingbird,
a yellow swallowtail,
a fuzzy bee

all converged
on the garden
late afternoon and
observed both
withering and
flourishing blooms.

“Such beauty is
fading, and took so
long to pollinate,”
the bee buzzed,
and departed.

“Then I shall dance
among the flowers
which remain,”
the butterfly whispered
and fluttered through
stalks still green
and flowers still vivid,
dancing in the breeze.

“And I will beckon
my friend to join us
both in the dance,”
the hummingbird promised,
and hummed along
the trail
to find her mate.

Soon they returned
and hummed
in circles
above the garden,
reveling in green
color and pausing
only for a
brief sip from
delicate stems.

Beauty is changing
and shifting,
but let us
marvel in the
goodness of today.