“A beautiful harmony resonated between them, as though their marriage sashayed a delightful dance. Pieter stepped forward; Cora stepped backwards. If he twirled her in one spinning direction, she joined him in whirling around, noticing the scenery in the diversion, discovering a reason to laugh along the way.”

A beautiful harmony… something found in nature, with the lovely chirps of birds in unison, or in marriage, with the cadence of a husband and wife swaying to the music of life. As the story unfolds with Pieter and Cora’s love, and later, swells with the second generation after them, the theme of harmony persists. They have a passion for life, music, and observing nature, and feel closer to God.

Toward the end of the book, Diny observes:

“Each bird had been assigned a precious note to carry, a certain note with which to encourage the world, a voice as unique as their feather coloring and pattern, their eye shape, perch, and hop. Without the notes of each bird of the flock, the cheerful tunes of the aviary were quieter, harmonies dimmed, less spectacular; together, they melded into a beautiful harmony.”