Sometimes on lunchtime
walks I just walk
and other times
I think of all the hours
I’ve spent here —
the proverbial “here” —
a ball field, and
memories made,
friendships found in
camaraderie, lessons forged
through grit and pain,
character of integrity
reinforced through
following Coach’s guidance,
remaining teachable,
knowing shortcuts now
meant shortcuts in all of life.
Softball wasn’t just a game
but a seasoned discipline,
a thrill of wind and velocity,
something to perfect,
an expression of skill,
one of my greatest
joys from 9 to 17,
one of the idols
in my heart I
eventually extinguished.
One obsession of many
which ultimately led
to a distorted
view of myself.
Who was I if not an athlete?
or so I thought then.
I can wander past
a diamond now
with warm memories
and hope the same lessons
for my own daughters —
—through different means —
soaring into well-deserved
successes and stretching
through challenges,
teaming with others toward
good goals, and
launching into more.