When I pray in my garden, I offer up all the burdens, fears, inabilities, and inadequacies I feel I currently possess. Through the disciplines of silence, solitude, and prayer, I am changed; my mentality shifts, I release burdens, and find peace.

Nouwen wrote about an extended time of prayer in his life and what he discovered —

“Look at Jesus quietly, confidently and trustingly, and you will find a joy and peace you did not dare to dream of. There is so much dullness among us Christians, so much lukewarm carelessness, so much tiptoeing around the hard places, so many palpitations, hesitations, reservations, and so, so many ‘yeses’ followed by ‘buts’. Give space to the Spirit. Let the spirit do the praying. Let that Spirit cry out to you, comfort you, teach you, guide you, and make you a truly Christlike person.”
— Henri Nouwen

God’s love sends me back into school Monday morning to serve others; the love I receive from the Lord gives me the courage to do so.
As I prepare to navigate another school year full of opportunities, challenges, and possibilities, I pray for wisdom, courage, and kindness each day.
I will learn and grow and make mistakes but try again each fresh morning.
I pray for my dear friends who are educators, who link arms with me in serving others through teaching.
I pray for remarkable peace for families sending children to school.
I pray for wisdom and patience for families educating their children at home.
May we love each other well and care for each other in tangible ways.
Grace upon grace!