The brevity of her presence
is preeminent.
Soon she will scatter, petals
dashed in a western wind.
She is a bright, delicate beauty,
a complicated explosion
of colorful passion.
Buds cluster together like
intimate conversations,
whispers of hopes,
dreams envisioned, and
ideas not yet realized.
Her pink softness is
blushing emotion.
The gem of her stability is the
workings of her inner world:
a genuine strength
in her able limbs, which
carry the blossoms.
Verdant greenery unfurls
like expressions of the heart.
She wavers not under the
warmth of the sun, nor
concerning the impending
storm, but dances into
blue Saturday skies,
offering twirling white
gems of love as gifts to others;
they spiral downward if not
caught in mid-flight, so take
care to look skyward; take
care not to trample onward
in haste. Seasons of change
swirl forth.
Today she holds fast to her
blooms, swaying in an
amiable moment of