In hustle of the December holidays two years ago, my husband and I went to the theater to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We’ve both been fans of the franchise since childhood and hoped for a satisfying conclusion. It’s interesting how woven into our human nature is a deep longing for resolution!
We crave the storyline where Darkness is defeated and Truth/Love/Grace prevails. Of course, we also love a good action and adventure film. So it’s true that we had great expectations entering into this finale.
As a teacher and writer, I’m always searching for themes within a story, and within general themes, I seek beneficial lessons to remember long after the hype of the film has settled. What resonated with me after watching this movie?
Themes which move me are ideas like: wisdom bestowed on new generations, a father’s deep love for his son, the humility to admit weakness and reach out for guidance, the physical shift from destruction to submission.
I’m moved when older generations have not extinguished the fight and continue to answer the call. The timely sacrifice of some to benefit everyone. An almost-fatal flaw suddenly realized and reversed. A resurrection from death to life.
The legacy of a life lived well.
I’m emotional within the desperate whispered prayer, “Please help me!” And the swift, courageous reply, “Don’t give up Hope!”
We can carve a path from this film to the Great Story of Hope and Redemption, the one of a loving God who sacrificially sent His Son, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to bring comfort and joy to a world of chaos. A world mired in pain as it was then still is now as filled with grief as it is possibility.
I believe we try to emulate this story in novels, art, and film because it is imprinted upon our hearts. The best of Stories whisper to us that it’s never to late to learn to love, lead, and live well. ❤️